Inspired by the individuals and grassroots groups working to bring about equal opportunity for all families, the Power of an Equal Voice: Resource Videos for Family Empowerment illustrate the connections between the individual and the collective in creating lasting change—in one community and the next and, eventually, across the nation.

The three video profiles in the series bring the Equal Voice for America’s Families National Family Platform to life as low-income families and grassroots groups advocate on their own and others’ behalf in Kentucky, California and Texas.

“The Power of Voice”

Ten years ago, Tayna Fogle thought she had hit rock bottom. Once a star college athlete, addiction led Tanya to forgery and a prison sentence. Now she is a voting rights activist in Kentucky. Learn more.

“The Power of Membership”

Caroline Topeé is a single parent struggling to make ends meet. In need of help, she discovered Parent Voices, a community of empowered parents working to improve policies for families. Learn more.

“The Power of Collective”

After Hurricane Dolly ravaged the Rio Grande Valley, leaving many low-income families homeless, a network of organizations and families came together to rebuild and demand better disaster relief policies. Learn more.


Each story demonstrates the three levels of Equal Voice movement building:

  1. Individual empowerment
  2. Organizational empowerment
  3. Network-based empowerment


Together or individually, the stories in the Power of an Equal Voice: Resource Videos for Family Empowerment provide powerful starting points for dialogue that can lead families to advocacy and action. This website provides additional resources that organizations and families can use with the videos to inspire and empower low-income families to advocate on their own behalf.

Click here for the discussion and facilitation guide.