Marguerite Casey Foundation exists to help low-income families strengthen their voice and mobilize their communities in order to achieve a more just and equitable society for all.
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9to5, Atlanta Working Women (Fiscal Sponsor: 9to5, National Association of Working Women)

Atlanta, GA | south
9to5 Atlanta Working Women combines advocacy, public education, civic engagement, grassroots organizing, policy campaigns and leadership development to improve the safety net for women and families and improve employment policies, while building for long-term goals, especially creation and retention of family-supporting and family-flexible jobs for all. 9to5 Atlanta has two ongoing campaigns:…

ACLU Foundation of Texas

Houston, TX | southwest
The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas is the state’s preeminent civil rights organization, at the forefront in Texas since 1938. The 11th largest ACLU affiliated in the United States, the ACLU of Texas works in the courts, the legislature and through public education to protect civil rights and individual liberty. The ACLU of Texas advocates personal privacy freedom from unreasonable searches religious liberty humane treatment of prisoners reprod…

Action Now Institute

Chicago, IL | midwest
Action Now’s mission is to organize working families and strengthen their voices on issues of racial, social and economic justice. Action Now is active on issues that include foreclosure and vacant properties, school improvement, access to health care, living wage jobs, utility costs, immigrant rights, public safety (both anti-violence and criminal justice reform), and environmental justice. Action Now is a member-driven organization.  They derive issue campaigns from listening to community residents at regular mon…

Adults and Youth United Development Association

San Elizario, TX | southwest
Founded in 1992, Adults and Youth United Development Association (AYUDA) is a grassroots community organization that advocates for environmental protection measures and access to basic public services for low-income families and residents in El Paso County’s valley region. AYUDA prioritizes colonia communities east of El Paso, Texas, specifically the unincorporated subdivisions – located within 150 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border – surrounding the rural town o…

Alabama Organizing Project (Fiscal Sponsor: Alabama Council on Human Relations)

Montgomery, AL | south
For fifteen years, the Alabama Organizing Project (AOP) has been training the future leaders of Alabama to speak out and educate others for social justice. AOP assists organizations in the state to work collaboratively in empowering their constituents – many of whom are low income people – to find policy, program and developmental solutions to problems of poverty in a state where democratic empowerment has historically been frustrated by racial, econo…

Alliance for Justice

Washington, DC | national
Alliance for Justice (AFJ) is a national association of over 100 organizations, representing a broad array of groups committed to progressive values and the creation of an equitable, just, and free society. AFJ works to ensure that the federal judiciary advances core constitutional values, preserves human rights and unfettered access to the courts, and adheres to the even-handed administration of justice for all Americans. It is the leading expert on the legal framework for nonprofit advocacy efforts, providing definit…

American Friends Service Committee-US Mexico Border Program

San Diego, CA | west
Founded in 1917, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a national Quaker organization comprising people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace and humanitarian service. Its domestic work is carried out through a network of 12 regional offices and through its US–Mexico Border Program in San Diego. AFSC develops an engaged base of community members to lead efforts that create change and to advance policies tha…

American Indian Association of Tucson dba Tucson Indian Center

Tucson, AZ | southwest
The Tucson Indian Center serves the urban American Indian Community and others by providing culturally appropriate social, economic, education, housing, wellness and advocacy services. The Tucson area has long been the traditional site for Indian settlements. From the Archaic and Hohokam Indians, to the Tohono O’odham and Yaqui, the waters of the Santa Cruz River and the surrounding fertile land attracted desert dwelling tr…

American Indian Center

Chicago, IL | midwest
The American Indian Center of Chicago addresses the needs of a disenfranchised Native American and low-income population of the Uptown and Ravenswood communities, focusing on four vital areas: Education, Social Services, Technology and Cultural Activities. The Center was organized in 1953 by the Chicago Indian community, with an important assist from the American Friends Service Committee, in response to a flood of the first people of this country from reservations throughout North America. The Indian Reloca…

American Indians in Texas – Spanish Colonial Missions

San Antonio, TX | southwest
The American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions (AIT-SCM) is a nonprofit organization established by the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation, descendants of the aboriginal people who populated South Texas and Northeast Mexico. The organization works for the preservation and protection of the culture and traditions of the Native American tribes and other indigenous people who resided in the Spanish colonial missions. AIT-SCM provides a…