Adults and Youth United Development Association

San Elizario, TX | southwest
Grant amount: $210,000
Grant period: 36 months
Grant year: 1/1/2014
Contact Information
Phone: (915) 851-0272
Fax: (915) 851-5266
Focus area: civic engagement, community development, community organizing, education, employment, farmworkers, health care, housing, immigration, voter engagement, youth

Purpose of Grant

For developing community leaders to advocate comprehensive immigration reform and investment in colonia infrastructure, health care, housing, and the financial well-being of families, using the Equal Voice framework for movement building.


Founded in 1992, Adults and Youth United Development Association (AYUDA) is a grassroots community organization that advocates for environmental protection measures and access to basic public services for low-income families and residents in El Paso County’s valley region. AYUDA prioritizes colonia communities east of El Paso, Texas, specifically the unincorporated subdivisions – located within 150 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border – surrounding the rural town of San Elizario.

The colonias in which AYUDA works have an estimated 12,000 low-income residents with a per capita income of $10,378. AYUDA’s staff is made up of women from the community, which enables the organization to be knowledgeable about the community’s needs and gives it credibility from the perspective of colonia residents. For example, in response to the increase in unemployment that accompanied the 2009 economic downturn (the region’s unemployment rate is estimated at 17 percent), AYUDA quickly developed programs to help families gain access to new jobs and learn computer skills to improve their employability.

As a bilingual grassroots community group, AYUDA advocates for quality health care, better housing, improved environmental protection standards, and education & leadership training for low-income families and residents in El Paso County’s valley region. In addition to community organizing, AYUDA provides critical programs that improve health, education, employment opportunities and housing for its constituents.

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