Marguerite Casey was born in Seattle, Washington, on September 5, 1900, and was the only daughter and youngest child of Henry J. and Annie E. Casey. Like her brother Jim, the founder of United Parcel Service, Marguerite profoundly believed in the importance of family, leading her to spend much of her adult life creating opportunities to help families and communities succeed and thrive.

In 1948, Marguerite and her three brothers established the Annie E. Casey Foundation to honor their mother’s legacy by encouraging public policies, human service reforms and community support to meet the needs of vulnerable children, youth and families. Over time, the family’s aspiration to serve children, youth and families grew until almost two decades later, in 1966, Jim Casey’s interest in long-term foster care led him to establish Casey Family Programs in the family’s home town of Seattle.

Sharing her brother’s passion and vision for improving the foster care system, Marguerite served as a board member for Casey Family Programs from 1966 to 1971. She was also a loyal benefactress of Seattle University and is fondly remembered for contributing a Christmas tree each year to Waterfall Garden for Seattle citizens to enjoy.

Marguerite Casey’s lifelong generosity made a tremendous difference for thousands of families and children across the United States, and her giving spirit continues to shine today.

Marguerite Casey Foundation was officially founded by Casey Family Programs in October of 2001 to help expand its outreach and further enhance its more than 30-year record of leadership in child welfare. Through the foundation’s work, the memory of Marguerite Casey endures and will continue to serve future generations.