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Equal Voice Networks: Planting Seeds for Community Change

24 Apr 2019 / Marguerite Casey Foundation

Network-building is at the root of Marguerite Casey Foundation’s grantmaking strategy. To connect our grantees across issue and across the communities they serve we’ve established Equal Voice Networks.

2018 Movement Building Report

08 Dec 2018 / Marguerite Casey Foundation

This report examines trends in grantee movement building over an eight-year period.

A Social Justice Communications Toolkit

07 Dec 2018 / Marguerite Casey Foundation

This is an online toolkit that will unleash your organization’s innate super power: to be a voice of change toward greater and more equal opportunity.

2017 Grantee Perception Report

15 Nov 2018 / Marguerite Casey Foundation

In 2017, we commissioned a Grantee Perception Report to assess our impact and interactions and compare the results with other foundations. This report helps us be a more effective ally to grantees, as we work together to support a family-led...

2015 Impact Assessment Report

23 Jul 2018 / Marguerite Casey Foundation

The Foundation’s 2015 Impact Assessment Report explores the work of grantees, in particular the policy victories across issues and how families were engaged in these advocacy efforts.