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The Power of Collective

The Power of Collective

“I tried to give my family the best I could and everything I have and what I am. That’s what being together means.”

– Elsa Gonzales



Miss Elsa had never thought of herself as a community organizer, but when Hurricane Dolly destroyed her family’s home in South Texas, she knew she had to do something to stand up for her family and her community. She joined a local grassroots organization, part of a network of 10 organizations that collaborate across issues of concern to low-income families in the region. Through her work with the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network, Miss Elsa has blossomed into a powerful community leader who has helped ensure that public funding and jobs for disaster reconstruction go to low-income families.

Why This Story?

“The Power of Collective” offers a look at what organizations in the Equal Voice network are capable of achieving when they work together across issues to push for big changes. It demonstrates that while collaboration can be challenging, it can be very effective in achieving results.

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