Movement Building

Movement Building

Equal Voice for America’s Families: A Movement Building Strategy

“Movement building is cathedral building because it’s going to take some time. The most important thing we can do with the people we are working with is to get them to believe in themselves – that they can do it.” – Luz Vega-Marquis

Since its inception in 2001, Marguerite Casey Foundation has strategically focused its grantmaking – and non-grantmaking work – to nurture a movement of families advocating in their own behalf for change. Click to read more about how the foundation’s work supports movement building.

Equal Voice

In 2007, Marguerite Casey Foundation – in partnership with its grantees and their constituents – began a journey by asking two questions:

  1. What would a nationwide movement aimed at raising the voices of poor and working families look like?
  2. What would it take to spark and sustain a movement that ensured those voices were heard, not on a single issue but across all issues that affected their lives?

The Equal Voice for America’s Families campaign brought together tens of thousands of low-income families to create a national platform of values and policy suggestions in anticipation of the 2008 general elections. Click to read more about the campaign and how it has shaped the foundation’s work.