Nearly 49 million Americans struggle every day to meet their basic needs.

They work as caregivers – but can’t afford health care insurance or to take time off when they are sick.

They put food on our tables and build our houses – but struggle to feed and house their own families.

They care for other people’s children – but can’t afford child care for their own children.

Though their numbers are many, poor families have largely been ignored in policymaking that directly affects their lives.  Until now.

On May 20, Marguerite Casey Foundation and its grantee organizations hosted the first online Equal Voice National Convention to update the 2012 Equal Voice for America’s Families National Family Platform.

Through the use of technology, families came together – across geography, cultures and issues – to call for an Equal Voice in the decisions that affect their communities and their families.

They discussed the essentials every family deserves – good schools, healthy children, affordable housing, economic opportunity, safe and strong communities.

From churches, coffee shops and community centers across the country, we heard from parents, grandparents and youth. We heard from domestic workers and child care workers; from farm workers and factory workers.

Through the National Family Platform, families speak with One Voice – a Strong Voice – demanding an Equal Voice in their future.

America’s families are the backbone of our nation, and its brightest hope. What they have to say matters to us all.

Equal Voice is your voice. And 49 million other voices.  


When: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Noon – 2 p.m. Pacific
1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Mountain
2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Central
3 p.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern


The event is being streamed live from:
Birmingham, Ala. (500 in-person participants)
McAllen, Texas (350 in-person participants)
Seattle, Wash. (50 in-person participants)