Social Media Role

Social Media Role

What was the role of social media during the May 20th Online Event?

  • To relay the voices, thoughts, and opin­ions of the other par­tic­i­pants at your gath­er­ing who aren’t online.
  • To dis­cuss online the issues that will com­prise the 2012 National Fam­ily Plat­form.
  • To insert your own com­ments, via tweets, as you watch the event.

How did participants chat dur­ing the event?

  • Participants joined our cha­t­room at The cha­t­room auto-adds the event’s hash­tag with every entry, and auto-refreshes con­ver­sa­tion every 5 sec­onds. It’s also mobile-friendly on your phone’s web browser.
  • Participants chatted using the chat mod­ules next to the video-streaming box. Individuals were able to sign in using their Face­book or Twit­ter account.
  • Participants were able to chat on – using the event hashtag #equalvoice­for­fam­i­lies


Quality Education. Immigration Reform. Child Care. What is your issue? Below are the images that were shared on Facebook and Twitter before the event. These postcards represented the issues facing individuals, their family, and their community.