2008 National Family Platform

2008 National Family Platform

Equal Voice for America’s Families: National Family Platform

The testimonies of families at 65 townhall meetings have been synthesized into a cohesive National Family Platform, which represents the shared vision of more than 30,000 families for families in this country and a blueprint for change. The platform contains 98 concrete policy recommendations at the local, state and federal levels in eight issue areas: child care, education, criminal justice reform, employment and job training, health care, housing, immigration reform, and safe and thriving communities.





National Family Platform 2008 Brochure Size

What is the Equal Voice for America’s Families campaign? Equal Voice, a burgeoning movement for and by low-income families, serves as Marguerite Casey Foundation’s framework for collaborative movement building to bring about change – in public policy, attitudes and practices – to ensure the well-being of America’s families.

America will hear directly from families about policy changes necessary to provide economic opportunities for low-wage and working families. Learn more about the Campaign, its goals, and why 30,000 families got involved. Download the brochure also in: