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Interfaith Worker Justice

Chicago, Illinois | National

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    36 months
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community organizing, employment, living wage, workers rights

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For general support.


Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) is a national network that builds collective power by advancing the rights of workers through unions, worker centers, and other expressions of the labor movement and by engaging diverse faith communities and allies in joint action, from grassroots organizing to shaping policy at the local, state and national levels. We envision a nation where all workers enjoy the rights to:

  • Living wages, health care, and pensions that allow workers to raise families and retire with dignity
  • Safe working conditions, free from discrimination
  • Organize and bargain collectively to improve wages, benefits, and conditions without harassment, intimidation, or retaliation
  • Equal protection under labor law – regardless of immigration status – and an end to the practice of pitting immigrant and U.S.-born workers against one another
  • Fair and just participation in a global economy that promotes the welfare of both domestic and foreign workers