9to5, National Association of Working Women: 9to5, Atlanta Working Women

Atlanta, GA | south
Grant amount: $120,000
Grant period: 36 months
Grant year: 6/1/2017
Contact Information
Phone: (404) 222-0037
Fax: (404) 222-0006
Website: 9to5.org/
Focus area: child care, civic engagement, community organizing, criminal justice, elder care, LGBT, living wage, race relations, voter engagement, workers rights

Purpose of Grant

For 9to5, Atlanta Working Women project.


9to5 Atlanta Working Women combines advocacy, public education, civic engagement, grassroots organizing, policy campaigns and leadership development to improve the safety net for women and families and improve employment policies, while building for long-term goals, especially creation and retention of family-supporting and family-flexible jobs for all.

9to5 Atlanta has two ongoing campaigns:

Fair Eats Campaign: The Fair Eats campaign focuses on solutions that bring restaurant workers and the community together to raise wages for local tipped workers, while building for broader state and national change. On a federal level, our campaign is focused on helping to pass the WAGES Act (HR 631). This legislation would restore the value of the minimum wage for tipped workers at 60% of the federal minimum wage (which would be $4.35/hr today) and ensure that it is raised every time there is an increase in the regular minimum wage. For more info go to the Fair Eats website at www.faireats.org.

Job/Family Campaign: The Georgia Job/Family Collaborative is made up of more than 50 local and statewide organizations, including health advocacy, women’s, faith-based, labor, and community groups. Founded in 2000 to expand access to family leave, the Collaborative has successfully won improved access to unemployment insurance for women and low-wage workers. Their goal is to build support for public policies that strengthen communities by ensuring that working families can balance their responsibilities at home and on the job.

For more info go to www.gaworkingfamilies.org.

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