Action Now Institute

Chicago, IL | midwest
Grant amount: $150,000
Grant period: 24 months
Grant year: 6/1/2016
Contact Information
Phone: (312) 676-4280
Fax: (312) 676-4276
Focus area: civic engagement, community organizing, criminal justice, education, employment, living wage, predatory lending, voter engagement, workers rights

Purpose of Grant

For general support.


Established in 2009, Action Now Institute (ANI) seeks to educate, inspire and engage community residents of Illinois’ low- and moderate-income communities to take a public stance on the issues that affect their neighborhoods, city and state. ANI believes that the people most affected by the issues of injustice have the right to make the decisions that affect their families and communities. It also believes that families and individuals know what is best for their communities, and as a result, the power of a family-led movement is the most authentic way to create sustainable change. ANI engages and organizes families on a door-to-door basis. ANI’s target constituencies are African-American communities in six low-income neighborhoods of Chicago: Auburn-Gresham, Englewood, East/West Garfield Park, Austin, and North Lawndale. ANI also works in the south suburbs of Chicago where it conducts foreclosure protection programs for low-income families.

Action Now Institute is also very active in the progressive revenue campaigns led by Grassroots Collaborative. Illinois has the most regressive tax system in the Midwest, the loss in revenue from which results in social service cuts that perpetuate a disproportionate burden on the poor. ANI is a highly visible and active member of coalitions that advocate for progressive tax reform and closing corporate loopholes.

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