Arizona Community Action Association

Phoenix, AZ | southwest
Grant amount: $120,000
Grant period: 24 months
Grant year: 01/01/2017
Contact Information
Phone: (602) 604-0640
Fax: (602) 604-0644
Focus area: civic engagement, community development, community organizing, criminal justice, education, employment, food security/access to health food, health care, immigration, LGBT, living wage, race relations, tax policy, voter engagement, workers rights, youth

Purpose of Grant

For providing network weaver support to Arizona Equal Voice Network.


Arizona Community Action Association (ACAA) is a network of community action organizations, united to bring communities together in ending poverty through community-based initiatives and solutions.

Created in 1967 to address poverty across the state, ACAA unites communities to end poverty through community-based initiatives and solutions. Through its network of 44 community action member organizations in Arizona, ACAA supports its members to create civically engaged residents who understand and advocate for public policies that provide opportunities for low-income individuals and families to thrive. ACAA convenes community groups, organizations and individuals to develop solutions to Arizona’s most pressing issues and presents them to state-level policymakers with a unified voice. It currently reaches more than 200,000 low-income people across the state (36 percent Latino, 36 percent white, 9 percent African-American, 3 percent American Indian, and the remainder multiracial and other).

ACAA manages the Home Energy Assistance Fund, which channels federal funds to local communities for utility bill assistance, energy-efficient appliance upgrades, and weatherization services to help low-income families stabilize their housing’s energy needs. It coordinates a statewide Earned Income Tax Credit Task Force and Assets Consortium, which helped more than 2,000 primarily Native American and Latino families receive more than $3 million in refunds in 2009.

ACAA has successfully advocated at the state level to protect policies that provide discounted utility rates for low-income families and to increase funding for home weatherization upgrades. ACAA has also developed a program initiative to offer Individual Development Accounts for low-income families to grow financial assets, and it led “The Changing Faces of Poverty” campaign in 2008 through 2009 to create public support for changing policies that negatively affect low-income families.

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