Farmworker Association of Florida: Farmworkers Self-Help

Dade City, FL | south
Grant amount: $80,000
Grant period: 24 months
Grant year: 06/01/2017
Contact Information
Phone: (352) 567-1432
Fax: (352) 567-1591
Focus area: civic engagement, community development, community organizing, criminal justice, education, employment, environment, farmworkers, food security/access to health food, health care, housing, immigration, living wage, race relations, voter engagement, workers rights, youth

Purpose of Grant

For Farmworkers Self-Help project.


Located in Dade City in west central Florida, Farmworkers Self-Help (FSH) was founded in 1982 by Mexican immigrants and Mexican-American migrant farmworkers. Its mission was to improve the lives of migrant farmers in the region who were often the targets of abusive attacks by the U.S. Border Patrol. This small group quickly expanded its geographic reach to five counties across west central Florida (home to nearly 11,000 low-income Latino families).

FSH facilitates the development of community self-reliance and personal independence through organizing, education, advocacy, empowerment, and health promotion among farmworkers and their families. FSH has become an anchor for the community by providing direct services, resources, and safe spaces for families.

FSH runs more than a dozen programs designed both to meet the immediate needs of low-income rural farmworkers and their families in Central Florida, and to proactively engage them in organizing, advocacy, and education on social issues. Programs like Teen Dream Project and Farmworker College Scholarship Fund provide opportunities for at-risk and poor youth to pursue higher education in order to attain a better quality of life. The Freedom Committee program engages undocumented constituents in governance and policy structures, as well as providing leadership development so that they are prepared to advocate at the local, state, and national level for issues affecting their communities.


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