New Florida Majority Education Fund

Miami, FL | south
Grant amount: $375,000
Grant period: 36 months
Grant year: 06/01/2016
Contact Information
Phone: (213) 745-9961
Fax: (213) 659-8718
Focus area: civic engagement, criminal justice, environment, immigration, race relations, voter engagement

Purpose of Grant

For general support.


The New Florida Majority Education Fund (NFM-EF) was co-founded in 2011 by key leaders from several leading grassroots social justice organizations in Florida, including foundation grantees Miami Workers Center (MWC) and Florida Immigrant Coalition. NFM-EF became an independent organization in 2013; it works to organize voter participation and political influence of marginalized residents in the state of Florida. NFM-EF trains individuals on a grassroots level to become leaders, and mobilizes them to take active roles in the electoral process.

NFM-EF builds alliances between constituents, including African-Americans, Latinos, youth, women, and LGBT communities, to win greater economic participation, economic security and sustainable communities. In recent years The New Florida Majority Education Fund has called upon public officials both home and abroad to build a new economy designed to avert the worst consequences of global warming while promoting good jobs and social justice.

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