Texas Organizing Project Education Fund

Houston, TX | southwest
Grant amount: $375,000
Grant period: 36 months
Grant year: 01/01/2016
Contact Information
Phone: (832) 387-5845
Focus area: education, employment, health care, housing, immigration

Purpose of Grant

For genreal support.


The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) improves the lives of low and moderate income Texas families by building power through community organizing and civic engagement. TOP is a membership-based organization that conducts issue advocacy, lobbying efforts and electoral organizing on behalf of working families in Texas.

TOP focuses on creating effective ways to ensure that voices of low income and minority communities are heard and that they have sufficient power to advance their issues. TOP provides training, leadership development, and public education, putting community organizers on the ground in low income and minority communities throughout the state. These organizers identify issues of common concern, recruit, develop and train leaders and build partnerships with community, labor and policy groups to strengthen neighborhoods and develop deeply-rooted, cohesive organizations that advocate on behalf of low-income communities throughout Texas.

By mobilizing neighborhoods into public issue based campaigns and linking those issues to the importance of voting we have been able to build an infrastructure of grassroots community leaders and organizers to win tangible results and increase voter participation. TOP’s ability to engage the community effectively, lies in its position as “trusted messengers” in the neighborhoods and working year round on the issues that matter –not just during election season.

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