United We Dream Network

Washington, DC | national
Grant amount: $300,000
Grant period: 36 months
Grant year: 06/01/2015
Contact Information
Phone: (202) 599-9745
Focus area: education, immigration, LGBT, youth

Purpose of Grant

For gerneral support.


The United We Dream Network (UWD) is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, a powerful nonpartisan network made up of 54 affiliate organizations in 26 states. It organizes and advocates for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and families, regardless of immigration status. UWD’s current priorities are to stop deportations and advocate for policy changes that would provide full equality for the undocumented community.

United We Dream was founded in 2008 by a core group of seven immigrant youth organizations. It has since expanded its direct reach to over 20,000 immigrant youth and families and over 8,000 immigrant youth leaders across the country, including states like Alabama and Mississippi where immigrant youth organizing was previously nonexistent. UWD’s mission is to develop a sustainable, grassroots movement, led by both documented and undocumented immigrant youth and children of immigrants, for equal access to higher education and a path to citizenship for immigrant youth and their families.

UWD’s primary constituency is the 2.1 million undocumented immigrant youth in the U.S. By the end of 2014, over 705,000 undocumented young people applied for DACA and about 87% of applicants have benefitted. As UWD continues to organize and advocate for permanent humane immigration reform, it also has the opportunity to politicize 2.1 million future voters, young people of color, mostly Latino who will transform the country and politics in the United States. UWD itself is made up predominately of immigrant youth and non-immigrant allies dedicated to the mission of the organization.

The 11.5 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. play an integral role in this country’s economy, culture, and communities. UWD seeks to address the inequities and obstacles faced by immigrant youth and believes that by empowering Dreamers, it can advance the cause of the entire community and achieve justice for all immigrants.

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