University of Houston – Arte Público Press: Democracy and the New American Economy: Where Prosperity Meets Justice

Houston, TX | national
Grant amount: $190,000
Grant period: 18 months
Grant year: 06/01/2017
Contact Information
Phone: (713)743-3128
Fax: (713) 743-2847
Focus area: civic engagement, criminal justice, education, farmworkers, food security/access to health food, immigration, LGBT, race relations, voter engagement, workers rights, youth

Purpose of Grant

For Democracy and the New American Economy: Where Prosperity Meets Justice project.


From its beginnings on the artistic fringe during the Hispanic Civil Rights Movement to its current status as the oldest and most accomplished publisher of contemporary and recovered literature by U.S. Hispanic authors, Arte Público Press and its imprint, Piñata Books, have become a showcase for Hispanic literary creativity, arts and culture.

Building on the literary magazine’s success, The Americas Review, Kanellos founded Arte Público Press in 1979 to further the endeavor of providing a national forum for Hispanic literature. The following year, Kanellos was offered a position at the University of Houston, and he was invited to bring the press with him.

Publishing twenty five to thirty books each year, Arte Público Press is David to New York publishing industry Goliaths. However, because of its cultural sensitivity to its writers and the experiences they write about, along with a vision for the role of Hispanic literature in the United States, the Press has demonstrated that size (or lack of it) is not proportionately related to success in the commercial book market

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