Native Gatherings

Native Gatherings offer candid and open dialogue about the ways philanthropy can support Native-American community building.

2011 Native Gathering

In 2011, the Foundation staff convened with Native resource people to seek feedback and guidance on the Foundation’s grantmaking efforts in Native communities. The participants discussed how to best build native-led movements in and across their communities, the structural barriers Native communities face, and possible actions to enhance the impact of grantees’ work on the ground.

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2003 Native Gathering

The Foundation recognized early on the importance of crafting a thoughtful strategy for funding in Native American communities. In 2003, our first Native Gathering convened a cross section of Native American elders, activists, scholars, and funders to develop a comprehensive strategy to strengthen and support indigenous families and communities.

Over two days, participants had a healthy, stimulating dialogue about the challenges and opportunities associated with the community rebuilding process and how the Foundation can play a meaningful role in that pursuit. The attendees believed the information and lessons shared will also help the broader philanthropic community understand how to work more effectively in and with Native communities.

Most importantly, a productive working relationship between MCF and Native people began.

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