Regional and National Convenings

Throughout our history, we have exercised our convening power to bring families and grantees

Regional Grantee Convenings

2009 Equal Voice National Convening

On October 9 and 10, 2009, Marguerite Casey Foundation hosted its 2009 Equal Voice Policy Convening, Advocacy, the Media and You: Change in a Time of Uncertainty, in San Francisco, California. Nearly 300 individuals representing families and organizations, all members of a movement known as the Equal Voice Coalition, gathered in San Francisco with an ambitious goal: Together, they would devise strategies to push the concerns of low-wage working families into the national discussion. The mood of the meeting was upbeat, closer to a family reunion than a policy debate, but the mindset was grim determination.

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2010 Equal Voice National Convening

The Foundation was honored to be joined by 420 passionate and dedicated individuals representing our 220 grantee partner organizations and their communities for the 2010 Equal Voice National Convening, held Sept. 26–28, 2010, in Chicago. Grantees and staff spent three days exploring how we can continue to build a movement of low-income families to make our communities and our country better for everyone.

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2012 Equal Voice Convention

On May 20, 2012, families in every corner of America launched a new national discussion and adopt the 2012 National Family Platform. The 2012 Equal Voice Online Convention offered virtually every available technology to link low-income families together to discuss and vote on a far reaching program of social and economic change. The convention was hosted by Marguerite Casey Foundation and its grantee organizations.

There were three physical hubs—Seattle, WA, McAllen, TX, and Birmingham, AL—dozens of satellite spaces (churches, community centers, etc.), and thousands of individual sites, with low-income families “convening” via smartphones, Twitter, streaming chat, photographs, Facebook, text messages, emails, and satellite links. Votes on the proposed updated National Family Platform were cast using the same myriad of technologies. For more about the National Family Platform, click here.

2018 Marguerite Casey Foundation National Convening

On May 18 to 20, more than 400 grantee, community and family leaders gathered at Marguerite Casey Foundation’s National Convening in the Washington, D.C. area to celebrate their work, their communities, and their power.

Grassroots leaders, students, parents, artists, spoken-word poets, and organizers explored what power really means, what it takes to build and grow a movement of low-income families, and how to disrupt and dismantle structural causes of poverty. The Convening was fueled by the understanding that families who experience poverty have the wisdom and agency to advocate on their own behalf for equity and solve their problems.

In workshops, during plenary sessions, over coffee, and while breaking bread together, they focused on how to create change from the ground up that leads to lasting reform. They worked toward change with a shared commitment to raise the voices of low-income families and build a movement of organized and collective self-determined action.

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