Amplifying the Movement

In concert with the family-led Equal Voice movement, we support strategic communications that elevate the message, expand its reach, raise awareness, and inspire action.

Raising Hope

From 2007 to 2009, a documentary film team journeyed with five families as they participated in the Equal Voice for America’s Families campaign.

Raising Hope: The Equal Voice Story shows how working families are uniting to take control over their futures and challenge America to live up to its promise of equality and opportunity for all. The film follows five families through town hall meetings, a multi-city convening and, finally, to Washington, D.C., where those who have long been talked about – but rarely spoken to – deliver the Equal Voice National Family Platform to federal representatives.

Produced and directed by Maria Bures of Onda Films, Raising Hope has been broadcast nationwide in collaboration with Latino Public Broadcasting and 14 local public television stations.

Maria Full of Hope

Maria Full of Hope focuses on the story of one young woman’s journey as she reflects on her challenging past, joins a local community organization, and becomes an inspiring community leader battling the dropout crisis in Chicago. This short film is used as a resource for the Equal Voice Youth Empowerment Project.

Media that Empowers

The Foundation believes in the power of media as a catalyst for dialogue and action. These three stories seek to inspire and empower low-income families to advocate on their own behalf.

The Power of Voice

Ten years ago, Tayna Fogle thought she had hit rock bottom. Once a star college athlete, addiction led Tanya to forgery and a prison sentence. Now she is a voting rights activist in Kentucky.

The Power of Membership

Caroline Topeé is a single parent struggling to make ends meet. In need of help, she discovered Parent Voices, a community of empowered parents working to improve policies for families.

The Power of Collective

After Hurricane Dolly ravaged the Rio Grande Valley, leaving many low-income families homeless, a network of organizations and families came together to rebuild and demand better disaster relief policies.

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Social Media

Social media has been a key tool for the Foundation and its grantees to network, convene, vote, and raise awareness. In 2012, thousands of families participated virtually in the updating and adoption of the 2012 National Family Platform. Participants shared images on Facebook and Twitter to shed light on the issues facing individuals, their families, and their communities. We ran a #dayofequity campaign that invited citizens and policymakers to imagine what a day of equity would look like.