Lifting Voices

National Family Platform

Every issue is a family issue.

A Family-Led Movement

The Equal Voice National Family Platform calls on the country’s leaders to take a comprehensive – rather than piece-by-piece – policy approach to the challenges low-wage and working families face every day. This Platform was created by and represents the collective voices of more than 50,000 families. The Foundation supports this family-led movement to effect and change public policy and address entrenched poverty and its effects on a national level.

An Equal Voice

In 2007, the Foundation supported The Equal Voice for America’s Families campaign in an effort to bring grantees and their constituents together across geographies, cultures, and issues to inaugurate a cohesive national movement.

The Foundation convened 65 town hall meetings with over 30,000 families participating. Their testimonies were synthesized into the first-ever National Family Platform. Adopted in June, 2008, the platform asked decision makers to adopt a families-first agenda and to insert the voices of low-income families into the national dialogue.

A Blueprint for Change

We believe that living in poverty has an impact on virtually every aspect of families’ lives: the work they do, the quality of their children’s education, their health, safety and security. This movement is about making those connections across the spectrum of life. Families have identified the following interrelated issues as integral to their economic and social well-being.

An Evolving Call to Action

In 2012, the Foundation and grantee organizations hosted the first online Equal Voice National Convention to update the National Family Platform. In addition to physical gatherings in three cities, thousands of low-income families participated via smart phones, Twitter, streaming chat, photographs, Facebook, text messages, emails, and satellite links. In 2016, grantees and families came together again to adopt the latest version of the platform.

As the movement continues to grow, the Foundation supports it by bringing families together – across geography, cultures and issues – to call for an Equal Voice in the decisions that affect their communities and their lives.