Network Building

Network Weavers

If Equal Voice Networks are the mortar in the growing family-led movement, Network Weavers are its masons, connecting families, groups, and community leaders around common agendas and actions.

A Critical Role

Network Weavers are tasked with getting and keeping regional networks working by helping members identify mutual interests and issues, share information, and strengthen relationships to expand their collective impact. It is a broad and subtle role that covers everything from setting meeting times to establishing priorities. Sometimes, a Network Weaver’s most important job is getting members in the same room on a regular basis, and then simply listening.

Current Network Weavers


Amber Shupla
Equal Voice New Mexico
Host Organization: SouthWest Organizing Project
Albuquerque, NM

Cemelli de Aztlan
El Paso Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: ACLU Foundation of Texas
El Paso, TX

Christina Patiño Houle
Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: ACLU Foundation of Texas
Brownsville, TX

Juanita Molina
Arizona Community Action Association -Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: Arizona Community Action Association
Tucson, AZ


Lucia Vasquezr
Central Valley Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: Radio Bilingüe
Fresno, CA

Donna Bransford
Bay Area Equal Voice Coalition
Host Organization: California Child Care Resources and Referral Network – Parent Voices
Oakland, CA

Rebekah Hook-Held
San Diego Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: San Diego LGBT Community Center
San Diego, CA

Sally Lew
Equal Voice for Southern California Families Alliance
Host Organization: Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA


Ed Shurna
Chicago Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Chicago, IL


Fallon McClure
Georgia Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: ProGeorgia State Table
Atlanta, GA

Grace Franklin
Louisiana Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights
New Orleans, LA

Karen Woodall
Equal Voice for Rural Florida
Host Organization: Farmworker Association of Florida
Dade City, FL

Melvin Young
Mississippi Equal Voices Network
Host Organization: Southern Echo
Jackson, MS

Natilee McGruder
Alabama Equal Voice Network
Host Organization: Alabama Institute for Social Justice
Montgomery, AL

Valencia Gunder
Equal Voice for Urban Florida
Host Organization: New Florida Majority Education Fund
Apopka, FL


Chrissie Castro
Native Voice Network
Host Organization: Native American Youth and Family Center
Los Angeles, CA