Week 7: Mobile Devices

April 6, 2020

Marguerite Casey Foundation in partnership with Supreme Technology and RSAT is providing an 8-week digital security training session. The digital webinars are to inform nonprofit organizations on how to protect information and other critical elements from accidental or intentional danger and unauthorized or authorized modification of data.

Week-2 webinar in the series is: Mobile Devices

This video covers

  • Understand the vulnerabilities inherent with mobile devices
  • Establish an apparatus to preserve the security and the integrity of mobile devices
  • Apply best practices to reduce the risk of device loss, theft, and malware infection

Este video cubrirá:

  • Comprender las vulnerabilidades inherentes a los dispositivos móviles.
  • Establecer un aparato para preservar la seguridad y la integridad de los dispositivos móviles.
  • Aplique las mejores prácticas para reducir el riesgo de pérdida de dispositivos, robo e infección de malware

Week 7: Mobile Devices