Media Tools

Media Tools

Do you need help writing a press release, focusing your organization’s message, or connecting to other media resources? Here is where you can find the information you need to build and execute a successful media strategy.

Creating a Communications Strategy

The SPIN Project provides strategic communications consulting, training, coaching, networking opportunities, and concrete tools to strengthen nonprofit, social justice organizations that want to be heard in today’s crowded media environment. More >

Contacting the Media

Learn what makes a good news story, how you can pitch the story and when to call a Press Conference. More >

Talking To Reporters

While you may be contacted by a reporter to respond to a news story, remember you are not the only source a reporter will use. Learn how to prepare for an interview and the 5 c’s, that will help doing the interview process. More >

Write a Press Release

Learn how to write, organize and push out a press release. More >