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Marian Wright Edelman acceptance speech
Marian Wright Edelman was awarded the Patiño Moore Legacy Award in New Orleans November 11, in recognition of her work to unite Black and Brown communities in a shared vision of economic and social ... More Info >
Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty 2012-2013
America's Next Leaders: we take a look at winners of the Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty Awards from 2012 and 2013. Learn more about the awards at our website: ... More Info >
Power of Collective
SAN BENITO, TX 2013 - Miss Elsa had never thought of herself as a community organizer, but when Hurricane Dolly destroyed her family’s home in South Texas, she knew she had to do something to stand ... More Info >
Power of Membership
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. 2013 - Caroline Topeé grew up in a financially stable family and took her financial security for granted. Then came the day when she realized that, to protect her daughter, s ... More Info >
Power of Voice
FAYETTE, Ky. 2013 - Tayna Fogle is a grandmother, basketball player extraordinaire, and former addict who spent nearly part a decade in prison. In order to stand up for the issues that were important ... More Info >
More Than Housing: Shon’s Equal Voice Story
CHICAGO, Ill. 2013 - Shon Robertson is an activist, spoken word artist, and was once homeless. At the age of 8, Shon became a ward of the state, and at the age of 21, aged out of the system and into ... More Info >
Equal Voice National Convening
LOS ANGELES, Calif. 2009 - On October 9-10th, 300 grantee and Family members gathered at the Equal Voice Convening in San Francisco to discuss the Equal Voice National Platform. Family members and gra ... More Info >
Equal Voice for America’s Families Campaign
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. 2008 - Trailer to the Equal Voice for America's Families Campaign Documentary. ... More Info >
Equal Voice for America’s Families Campaign
TAMAYA, N.M., 2007 - Learn more about the Equal Voice for America's Families Campaign - how the idea started, what the campaign means, and what Marguerite Casey Foundation and it's grantee& ... More Info >
Kick off of the Equal Voice for America’s Family Campaign
ATLANTA, Ga. 2007 - In keeping with Marguerite Casey Foundation's convening strategy, grantees from across the country converged in Atlanta on September 20-22 for the Foundation's 2007 natio ... More Info >