Sharing lessons learned in practice is crucial to creating an environment that will encourage discussion and advance the field. In this spirit, the Foundation offers a selection of  annual reports, convening report, history publication and other publications from our staff as well as outside experts.

Annual Report

Learn more about the foundation and its grantee’s through our annual report. Learn More

Convening Reports

Grantee convenings have been an important non-grantmaking strategy for Marguerite Casey Foundation since its inception in 2001. Convenings provide grantees an opportunity to collaborate, enable grantees to build stronger networks and improve their capacity to contribute to Movement Building. Learn More

Foundation History Publications

Learn more about the history of the foundation as it celebrates its 10 years of movement building. Discover how the foundation’s guiding philosophy, families know best how to solve their problems derived and how it has continued to shape our work at the foundation. Learn More