Annual Reports

Annual Reports

2012 Marguerite Casey Foundation Annual Report

In the 2012 Annual Report, you will meet twelve inspiring young people – the inaugural class of Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty. These young men and women give us hope that a more just society is achievable, and that today’s youth are leading that movement.

2011 Marguerite Casey Foundation Annual Report

In 2011 Annual Report, we bring you the stories of four young people who are making a difference. In each case, the youth found support from their families and communities to transform their own painful personal experience into positive change, investing their gift of resilience for the good of others.

2010 Marguerite Casey Foundation Annual Report

The 2010 Annual Report  you will meet leaders whose strengths are rooted in indigenous tradition and values; who have succeeded in passing the baton from one generation to the next; who have learned by following youth leaders; and who  have nurtured transformative change. These are the stories of leaders who, like so many of you, inspire others to speak out on behalf of their communities to achieve change for all.


2009 Marguerite Casey Foundation Annual Report

In the 2009 Annual Report features grantees that have built, over several years, strong local, regional and national networks to increase their reach and effectiveness, as well as grantees that, because of their Equal Voice experience, are creating new networks. Each story speaks to the efectiveness of networks in movement building to achieve broad social change, which is central to the foundation’s grantmaking strategy.


 2008 Marguerite Casey Foundation Annual Report

In the spring of 2007, Marguerite Casey Foundation – in partnership with its grantees and their constituents – began  a journey by asking two questions: What would a nationwide movement aimed at raising the voices of poor and working families look like? and What would it take to spark and sustain a movement that ensured those voices were heard, not on a single issue but across all issues that affected their lives? The 2008 Annual Report answers some of theses questions that ignited a movement that crossed the lines of issue, race, geography and political and organizational turf.

2007 Marguerite Casey Foundation Financial Highlights

During this year, we are concentrating our time and resources to the Equal Voice for America’s Families Campaign and will not publish an annual report for 2007. The financial highlights for 2007 are presented in the Marguerite Casey Foundation 2007 Form 990-PF Download and Print  (PDF)

2006 Marguerite Casey Foundation Annual Report

In 2006 and early 2007, the Foundation hosted regional grantee  convenings in Long Beach, California; Chicago; Atlanta; Scottsdale,  Arizona; and Seattle. The heart of the convenings was a series of small group discussions and trainings dedicated to Movement Building, the  role of race in public policy, and the grantee evaluation process. The Foundation followed up with grantees to ask if the convenings had led to tangible outcomes in their work. This annual report documents these finding.

2005 Marguerite Casey Foundation Annual Report

The profiles in the 2005 Annual Report chronicle the successful efforts of families, and the organizations that support them, in tackling national issues at the local level such as poverty, jobs, education and criminal justice — unifying issues that connect families and communities. Thanks to the work of our grantees as they work on national issues at the local level, Marguerite Casey Foundation is more resolute than ever that a movement of working families can transform society.