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Marguerite Casey Foundation Welcomes New Vice President Lee Anderson

Anderson Joins the Foundation as VP of Creative and Storytelling

October 1, 2020

SEATTLE (October 1, 2020) — Today, Marguerite Casey Foundation is excited to announce Lee Anderson as Vice President of Creative and Storytelling.

As Vice President of Creative and Storytelling for the Marguerite Casey Foundation (MCF), Lee Anderson is refocusing the Foundation’s communications initiatives in tandem with Dr. Carmen Rojas’ greater vision of philanthropy as a catalytic change mechanism. Philanthropy should empower local leaders to do the work necessary to dismantle the systems that have determined prejudiced outcomes for BIPOC and LGBTQ people with extreme bias, so they too can share in the resources and benefits of society.

“We’re thrilled to have Lee join the team at this critical moment in our country,” says Marguerite Casey Foundation President and CEO Dr. Carmen Rojas. “Lee is a creative strategist and savvy communicator who is passionate about grassroots organizing and will help elevate the work of our grant recipients in meaningful ways. ”

Lee joins Marguerite Casey Foundation from the Center for Popular Democracy/CPD Action, where he was Director of Public Affairs and Strategic Communications. Prior to that, Lee spent seven years at the AFL-CIO, where he served as the Senior Digital Strategist and directed digital campaigns on both a state and national level.

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Marguerite Casey Foundation Welcomes New Vice President Lee Anderson